What are the benefits of the Unified Communications Gateway (UCG)?

The benefits of having the Unified Communications Gateway (UCG) are:

  1. Security assurance.
    • The UCG provides a single point of entry in and out of the network for video calls.
    • Video endpoints are protected from external unsolicited malicious calls like H323/SIP brute force calls or denial-of-service attack and toll fraud attempts.
    • topology hiding means that externals only see information about the public interface of the SBC and not the endpoints.
  2. Cost savings. There is no need for on premise management of gatekeeper or registrar for video endpoints.
  3. Improves connectivity. Allows endpoints in internal network to communicate with external endpoints by back to back mapping of call setups and SIP normalisation, if necessary.
  4. Call reporting. Call detail records are available for troubleshooting and usage reporting.