CloudStor Service Catalogue


Service Description

Cloudstor is a nationally-distributed cloud‐based file storage and sharing service for the Australian Research Community.  It is based on the open-source ownCloud & FileSender projects.  It is operated on AARNet owned server infrastructure directly connected to the AARNet backbone.

Service Offering

Key features of the cloudstor service.

  • Flexible access

    • Web-based access for file storage and sharing.
    • Desktop client for synchronization via WebDAV
    • IOS and Android mobile apps
    • “Rocket” client for Windows for high-speed file upload
    • Access to Apps developed for operation on the ownCloud service platform (see full list below)
    • S3 Specialist access gateways available on request
  • Security
    • optional client-side encryption for Filesender.
    • TLS encrypted data transit.
    • System-side storage disk encryption.
  • Reliability
    • Geographically separated service site locations.
    • All data stored in Australia.
    • All data stored is replicated.
    • All data is backed up.
    • Versioning is enabled via ownCloud app. 
    • Deleted files recovery.
    • Expandable storage and service building blocks.
  • S3 Gateways
    • S3 gateways can be requested
    • S3 Gateways storage can be independent of the owncloud Cloudstor interface.
  • Online Collaborative Document Editing
    • Document editor
    • Spreadsheet editor
    • Presentation editor
  • SWAN
    • Jupyter notebooks

Cloudstor ownCloud Enabled Apps

  • ownCloud version 10.0.3

Core ownCloud Apps:

  • Activity
  • Admin Config Report
  • Comments
  • Deleted files
  • Federation
  • First Run Wizard
  • Notifications
  • PDF Viewer
  • Provisioning API
  • Share Files
  • Text Editor
  • Update notification
  • Versions

Custom and extension ownCloud Apps:

  • 3D Model Viewer
  • AARNet Hooks
  • Collections
  • DICOM Viewer
  • Direct Menu
  • Files Clipboard
  • FileScan
  • FileSender
  • Impersonate
  • Jmol Viewer
  • Markdown Viewer
  • Music (audio player)
  • OnlyOffice Integration
  • SimpleSAML Authentication Backend
  • Swan Viewer
  • Tenant Portal
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Video Player

Cloudstor FileSender

  • FileSender 2.0 is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.


AARNet connected customers that are covered as part of the AARNet subscription fee.

  • Staff
  • Researchers
  • External research collaborators within the 10TB Group Drive allocation. (see below)

AARNet connected customers that are covered as part of the Cloudstor usage subscription fee. (see Service Prices section below)

  • Staff
  • Researchers
  • External research collaborators
  • Students
  • Others User who meet in the AARNet AUP.

Other users

  • All other users must be in an active collaboration with an AARNet connected site.
  • Have a separate R&E activity agreement with AARNet. (eg. REANNZ-connected NZ institutions)

Service Structure

Free – included with your AARNet network services

AARNet connected customers are covered for the below services as part of the AARNet subscription fee for.

  • Personal space of up to 1TB per staff and researchers 
  • Group Drives cumulatively to 10TB per institutions
  • External collaborator can be added to Group Drives, with their storage use counting towards the Group drive allocation.
  • Personal space up to 10GB for external research collaborators
    • External research collaborator space counting towards the 10TB free offering


AARNet connected customers can subscribe to additional storage capacity for an annual fee:

  • Storage usage subscription levels
    • 100TB
    • 500TB
    • 1PB
    • >1PB on Application
  • Fees – contact your AARNet Customer Relations Group representative
    • Subscriptions are institutional; not individual.
  • Storage space provided for each subscription level:
    • Personal space not exceeding the subscription amount excluding the 1TB personal space per user
    • Group Drives not exceeding the subscription amount excluding the 10TB drive space per institution.
    • Student space not exceeding the subscription amount
    • Others users specified in the AARNet AUP not exceeding the subscription amount.
    • External collaborators can be added, with their storage use counting towards the subscription.

Service Operating hours

24 hours a day x 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Support Hours

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday AEST

Support Tiers

Tier 0

Tier 1

  • To be provided by the institution the end user belongs too.
    • AARNet Cloudstor T1 slack support channel.

Tier 2

  • Email support to AARNet ticket system

Tier 3

  • AARNet Cloudstor Engineers Via Tier 2 Ticket system.


Security Audits

  • Independent security testing is carried out on an annual basis.
  • Post major upgrades independent security testing will also be carried out.

Service Logging

  • All activity on Cloudstor is logged and stored.
  • Kibana data analytics systems are employed to analyse service activity.
  • Selenium is used to monitor service activity performance

System/Service monitoring

  • Zabbix Monitoring tools are used to monitor and alert on events.


All user data is file backed up into our tape Library

Backup Scheme:always incremental with rolling consolidated.

60 day granular file recovery.

Full snapshots of data kept every 30 days.

12 months of snapshots, able to recover at 30 day intervals after the 60 days.

Typically a file needs to reside on Cloudstor for 24 hours to enter the backup cycle.

Release data: 24 May 2019 v1.9