CloudStor Service Catalogue

Updated: 17/12/2019

Service Description

Cloudstor is a nationally-distributed cloud‐based file storage and sharing service for the Australian Research Community.  It is based on the open-source ownCloud & FileSender projects.  It is operated on AARNet owned server infrastructure directly connected to the AARNet backbone.

A description of the service offering, including security and resilience details, can be found here: CloudStor Service Offering


Key features of the cloudstor service.

  • Flexible access:

    • Web-based access for file storage and sharing;
    • Desktop client for synchronization via WebDAV;
    • IOS and Android mobile apps;
    • “Rocket” client for Windows for high-speed file upload;
    • Access to Apps developed for operation on the ownCloud service platform (see list below);
    • S3 high throughput data storage gateways available for Enterprise Agreement customers.
  • Security:
    • optional client-side encryption for Filesender;
    • TLS encrypted data transit;
    • System-side storage disk encryption.
  • Reliability:
    • Geographically separated service site locations;
    • All data stored in Australia;
    • All data stored is replicated;
    • All data is backed up;
    • Versioning is enabled via ownCloud app;
    • Deleted/corrupted file recovery;
    • S3 Gateways:
      • Evaluation S3 gateways can be requested;
      • Production S3 gateways are available to Enterprise Agreement customers;
      • S3 storage is currently independent of the ownCloud CloudStor interface.
  • Online Collaborative Document Editing using OnlyOffice:
    • Document editor;
    • Spreadsheet editor;
    • Presentation editor.
  • SWAN:
    • Jupyter notebooks.

Cloudstor ownCloud Enabled Apps

  • ownCloud version 10.1.1.

Core ownCloud Apps:

  • Activity logging;
  • Admin Config Report;
  • Comments;
  • Deleted files;
  • Federation;
  • First Run Wizard;
  • Notifications;
  • PDF Viewer;
  • Provisioning API;
  • Share Files;
  • Text Editor;
  • Update notification;
  • Versions;

Custom and extension ownCloud Apps:

  • 3D Model Viewer;
  • AARNet Hooks;
  • Collections;
  • DICOM Viewer;
  • Direct Menu;
  • Files Clipboard;
  • FileScan;
  • FileSender;
  • Impersonate;
  • Jmol Viewer;
  • Markdown Editor;
  • Music (audio player);
  • OnlyOffice Integration;
  • SimpleSAML Authentication Backend
  • Swan Viewer
  • Tenant Portal
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Video Player

Cloudstor FileSender

  • FileSender 2.0 is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.