How do I tune CloudStor Rocket?

To tune Rocket, you first click “Configure” and the following window will open.


On the left side are the upload settings. The “correct” values for these settings depends on the file sizes of datasets you are uploading, the speed that the data can be read and the internet speed you have from the PC running the client.

Suggested Settings for Home Broadband Usage

The following settings are appropriate for large volume uploads using a home broadband connection that supports 10-20Mbps upload speeds:

Upload Chunk Size: 20MB

Parallel Uploads: 4

Data Buffer: 2 (for standard laptops, 4 for high performance machines).

Max Files Per Chunk: 10

Failed Upload Retries: 5

Set Proxy to No Proxy in the system settings.

Suggested Settings for AARNet Network Usage

If you are connected from your workplace (i.e. a university or AARNet connected research organisation), and you will be regularly running Rocket, it is recommended to test the configurations for optimum performance. However, a good starting point is to use the recommended home settings above and set the upload chunk size to 100MB.

Upload Chunk Size: This breaks up files and/or combines files into a set size before uploading to CloudStor.

Parallel Uploads: This specifies the maximum number of parallel uploads of each chunk.

Data Buffer: This is the maximum number of chunks to keep in memory while waiting for chunks to upload.

Max Files Per Chunk: The maximum number of files within a chunk.

Failed Upload Retries: If for whatever reason a file fails to upload Rocket will automatically retry the specified amount of times.

Tuning the Uploads

To help identify suitable values for Chunk Size and Parallel Uploads, the right hand side of the window allows you to simulate uploads with different chunk sizes and for 1 to 12 parallel uploads. Simply tick the chunk sizes you wish to test and click “Run Tests”. Please note that this could take a while.

Please note, simply putting everything on full does not mean faster!

If you require any assistance tweaking these values, please contact