What is AARNet + (Plus)?

To make it easy for the research and education community to connect to cloud services and benefit from large scale shared services, AARNet has developed the AARNet+ program in collaboration with other National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) around the world.

We build partnerships with providers willing to customise their products and services to meet the needs of the research and education community.

The AARNet+ Process

AARNet+ is not a technical solution, it is a process. AARNet+ leverages the high capacity high performing AARNet network and provides a standard process for evaluation, integration and ongoing use of cloud services.


  • Standardised contracting and service provisioning shared across the sector.
  • Customised services for the research and education sector.
  • Leverages AARNet’s high bandwidth and low latency network.
  • Private point-to-point and multipoint network connections.
  • Tested integration with federated authentication systems.

More information

Both service providers and AARNet customers may enquire about adding new services to the AARNet+ program; however before being considered for inclusion each service must have at least one or two AARNet customers willing to participate in the processes of formal evaluation and service validation in a manner that can be shared with other members of the AARNet community.

Please contact us with questions about the AARNet+ program