What are the benefits of joining AUCX?

  • Improves performance of telephony, video conference and Telepresence calls for faculty and staff when they're in the office or on the go.
  • Calls to other national and international institutions connected to the AUCX are free.
  • Can reduce operational costs of telephony, videoconference and Telepresence calls. (For organisations that rely on a PBX infrastructure that connects to traditional voice handsets and may have a bundling arrangement for no cost or capped local, national and/or other calls, any cost savings may be negligible, especially if the PBX requires either an upgrade or additional hardware for IP trunk capabilities.)
  • Customers access AARNet's technical expertise without having to build specialised skills in house.
  • An on-net service to other research and education community members within Australia and worldwide
  • AUCX is vendor-agnostic infrastructure built on advanced technologies
  • AUCX ensures connected institutions follow best practice guidelines for call routing between institutions.
  • For organisations that wish to leverage their video investments or connect to sites beyond the enterprise in rural or remote locations, opportunities exist to invest in connections to the exchange to facilitate video calling capabilities either on a two-way video call arrangement or multiparty call arrangement via a conferencing bridge. The exchange service ensures your institution follows best practice guidelines for call routing between institutions and will also extend reach to other institutions worldwide which will offer advantages in lower international call costs and increase opportunities for video collaboration without the need to invest in dedicated rooms that need to be scheduled for.