Where is my data stored?

Box stores data in the US.  The data is replicated across separate data centers, providing redundancy atop the n+1 (or better) resiliency offered by each data center individually.

This redundant architecture gives us a concurrently maintainable infrastructure.

 Within each data center, Box maintains n+1 or better redundancy, with:

  • Redundant load balancers, routers and switches in failover
  • configurations
  • Segmented clusters of application servers handling different functions
  • Master/slave database clusters, replicated in real-time across data
  • centers
  • Multiple log databases replicated in real-time across data centers
  • Resilient storage technologies in multiple storage clouds
  • Backups (encrypted) in offsite storage files In addition, all layers of the application stack are isolated in distinct network segments, with strict Access Control Lists maintained through each, to isolate potential risk. As previously mentioned, encrypted data is also stored in redundant, offsite backups to provide a further layer of protection in the case of failure.