How much does it cost to use Zoom and how to order?

Please contact AARNet for 1 month trial of AARNet Zoom Cloud Conferencing.

Education price is applicable to "award-granting institutions". Minimum education purchase is 20 hosts (Edu20).

Site license is also available. Site bundle license includes large meeting, webinar and room connector (VRC)/Zoom Rooms add-ons.

Pricing for Research & Education institutions which are non "award-granting institutions" is also available.

You can get a quote from the AARNet Customer Dashboard if you have access. Once you are logged-in, go to the "Ordering" in the top navigation menu. Then in the left navigation menu, click on "Zoom" then click on "New Quote".

You can also get a quote by contacting AARNet.

Non-Research & Education users can subscribe to the Zoom service at