Can I use the internet to connect to AWS instead of the AWS Direct Connect service?

(This internet-based method of connecting to AWS is not "AWS Direct Connect")

For AARNet members and subscription-based customers, internet connectivity to AWS Sydney will be via our Domestic Peering arrangements, so traffic is un-metered. 

AWS may still charge “Data Egress” charges, but may waive them for certain research data workloads under the AWS CAUDIT Agreement. You can only access the Public side of AWS via this peering link.  To reach Virtual Private Clouds, you need to use one of the methods described in here:

and more specifically here:

Software VPNs can be used over the peering link and will be free of any AARNet data charges but are generally only good for relatively low bandwidth expectations (less than about 100Mbps). Using a hardware device may slightly improve performance and stability of the VPN, but is again only recommended for relatively minor loads. For larger loads we recommend Direct Connect.