What does eduroam AU service provider (SP-only) participation involve?

Apart from understanding eduroam and agreeing to comply with the global and national policies, there are three main tasks to be undertaken.

  1. Deployment of technical infrastructure i.e. a RADIUS server configured to forward visitor authentication requests to eduroam AU national RADIUS infrastructure, and configuration of wireless & other network infrastructure to provide the eduroam service.
  2. Creation of a local eduroam webpage, providing information to visitors on local eduroam service characteristics (SSID and wireless encryption, eduroam coverage at the institution, network service provided. notification of access logging, providing links to AUP and privacy policy).
  3. Training of local IT support staff and provision of support to visitors who have issues connecting to the local network via eduroam.

The policy also requires administrative actions, e.g. local eduroam administrative contacts, participation in mail lists for notification purposes, logging of RADIUS server authentication and network access transactions (e.g. IP address assignment).