Traffic Charges? Is AWS “on-net”?

AWS Direct Connect:

For the Private Connection options, AARNet does not charge for traffic. AWS will charge customers directly for data egress charges.

Internet Connectivity to AWS:

For AARNet members and subscription-based customers, internet connectivity to these Australian AWS Availability Zones will be via our Domestic Peering arrangements, so traffic is un-metered.

AWS is committed to making it easier for researchers to use its cloud storage, compute, and database services by waiving data egress fees for qualified researchers and academic customers. (Conditions and limits apply to this offer and customers are advised to confirm pricing directly with AWS)

In 2014, CAUDIT worked  with the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project to negotiate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) a cost structure to make costs to researchers more predictable when they plan to move projects to a cloud-based computing provider. The result was a waiver of all costs associated with data transfer out of the AWS cloud to the Internet (data egress charges) for research workloads. On the back of this work, and similar international efforts, AWS has announced that it is waiving data egress fees internationally for qualified researchers and academic customers.