How to secure virtual meetings further?

Some permanent or recurring meetings will be open to anyone to join if not properly secured. The Zoom meeting URL may become publicly available on the Internet and random people may join.

Here are some tips to secure your Zoom meetings further:

  1. Do not enable "Join before host" for permanent (recurring) virtual meeting rooms and personal meeting ID (PMI).
  2. Zoom administrators can consider disabling "Join before host" in Account Management -> Account Settings. Users will have to manually enable "Join before host" when creating meetings.
  3. Set meeting passwords on the meeting and PMI.
  4. Zoom administrators can force all PMIs with JBH enabled to be password protected.
  5. Limit specified domains to be allowed to join the meeting when creating the meeting.
  6. Lock the meeting once the meeting has started. This option is in Manage participants -> More.
  7. A Zoom webinar may be better than a Zoom meeting for large events because the webinar only allows panelists to show their video and audio while attendees can only hear and see the event and cannot cause adverse interruptions to the event/meeting.