What are the traffic charges? Is Microsoft Azure “On-Net”?

Azure ExpressRoute:

For the private connection (AARNet4 VPN) options, AARNet does not charge for traffic. Microsoft will charge customers directly for data egress charges. ( )

Internet Connectivity to Microsoft:

For AARNet members and subscription-based customers, internet connectivity to these Australian Microsoft cloud services will be via our Domestic Peering arrangements, so traffic is un-metered for any AARNet charging.

Microsoft may still charge “Data Egress” charges, but may waive them for certain qualified researchers and academic customers.

Special Expressroute and Azure pricing for R&E customers*:

  • AARNet is working with Internet2, Geant, Canarie and other NRENs globally to negotiate with Microsoft for better ExpressRoute pricing (ie. the port charge and egress traffic). This is a longer-term activity.
  • Microsoft released this recently:

*Note - Microsoft pricing is ultimately a matter between the customer and Microsoft directly. AARNet is not an intermediary.