What is CloudStor FileSender?

Email is a great way to send messages and small files. But what if you want to send large files? Or want a more secure file sharing method?

FileSender is a way of allowing researchers to send large files to people or groups which would otherwise not be possible via email. It also allows you to encrypt files to ensure only the intended recipients can read them.

FileSender is a service available from your CloudStor portal that has the following benefits:

  • Provides a URL to your files that you can share with non-CloudStor users.
  • You can send "Vouchers" to non-CloudStor users so they can share files with you.
  • You can change the expiry date on the files that you send.
  • Provides notification emails to you and your recipients about your files and transfers.
  • Provides optional end-to-end password protected encryption (using AES-GCM SHA-256).