Is my CloudStor FileSender data secure? Can I encrypt the data?

FileSender supports full end-to-end encryption (AES-CBC SHA-256), ensuring nobody except you and your recipient can ever read the files (not even AARNet).

Basically your files are encrypted in your web browser and then the encrypted file is uploaded. The recipient then downloads and decrypts the file in the browser using a password provided by you. Additional software is not required.

To use encryption check the "File Encryption" box on the upload page. Enter a unique password that you can send to the receiver after uploading and sending your files. We advise you do this via a different channel than e-mail, for example by telephone or SMS. As soon as the receiver enters this password they can download the files. The encryption and decryption of files is done by the browser during uploading and downloading.

Note that encryption may impact your upload and download speeds.  Because files are encrypted and decrypted in the web browser, files greater than 4GB may not upload or download.