Accessing your S3 gateway

Once your S3 gateway has been configured, you will be provided with the hostname, secret key, access key and region for accessing it.


Minio Client (Command Line Client)

As the CloudStor S3 gateways are based on Minio (, we recommend using the Minio client to access it. The Minio client is available here:

Once you have the Minio client, you can add your gateway using the following command:

mc config host add your-s3 YOUR-ACCESS-KEY YOUR-SECRET-KEY


Function Example command
List bucket contents mc ls your-s3/your-bucket-name
Copy a file mc cp path/to/your/file your-s3/your-bucket-name
Copy a directory mc mirror path/to/your/folder your-s3/your-bucket-name
Mirror a local directory to S3 mc mirror path/to/your/folder your-s3/your-bucket-name
Mirror S3 to a local directory mc mirror your-s3/your-bucket-name path/to/your/folder


More information on the Minio client can be found here: 


CyberDuck (GUI client)

As CyberDuck is also compatible with WebDAV and other file protocols, we suggest using it with S3 as well. It does not come pre-configured with a custom S3 profile, so you will need to follow the "Generic S3 Profiles" instructions before being able to use it with your S3 Gateway. 

CyberDuck is available from: 

Generic S3 Profiles instructions: