What are the differences between AARNet Zoom and public services?

The Zoom service provides 2 user types (On-Prem or Licensed) that can access different types of services. Please see for the different Zoom User Types.

On-Prem/Corp Users  Licensed/Pro Users

Meetings are hosted on Zoom servers located within AARNet in Australia which is congestion free and very low latency.

These Zoom servers are managed by AARNet only. Externals (including Zoom) do not have access to these servers (and meeting encryption keys).

Meetings are hosted on Zoom servers located outside of AARNet.

Cloud recordings

  • are stored in CloudStor which is located within Australia
  • there is no additional cost

Cloud recordings

  • are stored outside of AARNet
  • there is additional storage cost if quota exceeded
  • has audio transcription
  • can integrate with LMS and Kaltura/Panopto
Call directly into Zoom meetings using video phones will have video if your institution is connected via AUCX or listed in Call directly into Zoom meetings using video phones will not have video as it is just a PSTN call.
Support provided by local AARNet Service Desk and Zoom Support team. Help is provided by the Zoom Support team.

The following features are currently not available for On-Prem user type ...

  1. cloud recording transcription.
  2. integration with Echo360, Kaltura, Panopto or other video content management systems.
  3. cloud recording URL link appearing automatically in learning management system (LMS).
  4. live broadcast to Facebook and Youtube.
  5. SIP registration and calling when Cisco/Polycom API Connector is used.

The above missing features are available by setting your users to Licensed (Pro) user type.