Audio in CloudStor

Can I listen to audio on CloudStor?

Yes - From the file browser, simply click on an audio file and it will play. Audio controls will appear under the file browser. You can also listen to audio from the Audio page, click Audio from the top menu bar to open the Audio page.

Can I create playlist(s) and create an audio library?

Yes - Click Audio from the top menu bar.

If this is the first time click "New music available Click here to start the scan" and it will search your files for audio files.

You can also create playlists using the left hand menus.

What audio file formats are supported?

  • FLAC (audio/flac)
  • MP3 (audio/mpeg)
  • Vorbis in OGG container (audio/ogg)
  • Opus in OGG container (audio/ogg or audio/opus)
  • WAV (audio/wav)
  • M4A (audio/mp4)
  • M4B (audio/m4b)

Some of my files are detected as audio but i can not play it, what is wrong?

The audio formats supported vary depending on the browser. Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi should be able to play all the formats listed above. All browsers should be able to play MP3 files at the very least.

Audio playback is fully dependent on your clients operating system and web browser. Audio files are played using HTML5, it is up to the web browser to be compatible (Most current browsers are). 

For example, in some cases, m4a files encoded in ALAC rather than AAC will only play on an Apple device as it has Apple Lossless Audio Codec available. But m4a files encoded in AAC will play on Apple and Windows devices.

Usage hints

Normally, the Audio app in CloudStor detects any new audio files on CloudStor once the Audio page is opened. CloudStor also detects file removals and modifications in the background and makes the required database/playlist changes automatically.

If the database/playlists would somehow get corrupted, the user can force it to be rebuilt from scratch by opening the Settings (at the bottom of the left pane) and clicking the option "Reset music collection".