100Gbps Connections Now Available

Customer Connections are now available at 100Gbps!     

Your 100Gbps connections can be dedicated to Internet usage, or also used to access a range of Layer-3 and Layer-2 Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.

A Research Virtual Private Network (VPN), with shared 100Gbps capacity and international reach is available but accessible only to a small community of organisations involved in data-intensive research.

Technical notes for customers considering 100Gbps connections:

  • The optical fibre transmission from your campus, to the AARNet Network Access Point will likely need to be upgraded to support the 100Gbps core-connections.
  • A Juniper QFX5200 is used as the "Network Termination Unit (NTU) at your site.
    • Customer-facing ports can be 100Gbps and/or 10Gbps  (but not 1Gbps)
    • LR4 or SR4 Optics are provided, based on your needs.
  • For Layer-2 VPN Services, the following protocols can be tunnelled:
    • Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1D),
    • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1w),
    • Cisco’s Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol VSTP (no IEEE standard as it is proprietary),
    • Cisco’s VLAN Trunk Protocol (no IEEE standard as it is proprietary)
    • Cisco’s Discovery Protocol (no IEEE standard as it is proprietary).
    • (This means we cannot tunnel LLDP, LACP, VSTP, MSTP, UDLD, MVRP, MMRP, GVRP, 802.3ah, 802.1x.)
  • Jumbo Frames. AARNet supports a physical data frame of 1514 or 9014. (Data frame of 1500 or 9000)
  • AARNet provides IPv4 /31 link addressing (or /30 on special request)
  • AARNet provides IPv6 /64 link addressing
  • Static Routes (/28,/29, /30) are supported. Customers must document requirements for allocations to be approved.
  • eBGP connectivity: Customers can choose to receive a default, or member routes, or R&E routes, or full table.
  • Remotely triggered black hole (RTBH) support, via BGP community 7575:6
  • BGP support of LocalPref’s as per