What is CloudStor SWAN?

SWAN (Service for Web-based Analysis) is a service for running data analysis in CloudStor.

Using only a web browser, users can perform interactive data analysis in Jupyter Notebooks via SWAN and AARNet’s shared cloud computing services.

What is a Jupyter Notebook?

The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows users to create, execute and share documents containing code, equations, visualisations and narrative text.

How do I open a Jupyter Notebook in SWAN?

To begin using a Notebook, log into and click on the SWAN icon.  The SWAN service will open up a new tab in the web browser. 

How do I save and store a Jupyter Notebook?

A Notebook can be stored as a file in CloudStor (with an .ipynb file extension) and the file can be shared and accessed along with other files, e.g. research data that has been analysed using the Notebook. 

What programming languages are available in SWAN?

The Jupyter Notebooks available through the SWAN service come with a default set of code libraries for several programming languages: R, Python, Octave and C++. 

Additional code libraries for these languages can be imported and installed in a Notebook for different data processing needs. 

Please note:

The SWAN service is provided for small to moderate scale and exploratory data analyses – it is not suited to large scale asynchronous analyses.