Can AARNet provide a "Managed Router", to help with my network redundancy?


You may be a school, or smaller organisation wanting dual AARNet connections for redundancy. However, you prefer not to own and manage edge routers and tackle the complexities of BGP routing!

"Advanced NTU" Option

The equipment AARNet uses to deliver Internet services to your site, a Network Termination Unit (NTU), can also provide some routing functions. We call this the "Advanced NTU" option.

For example, you could connect these Advanced NTUs directly into your firewall, saving you from needing another managed router.

Technically, the AARNet Advanced NTU terminates Layer-3 from AARNet and simply provides working internet over any of the working NTUs, although defaulting to a designated Primary NTU. The Advanced NTU looks and acts like a customer CPE device (e.g. managed router), but it is administered by AARNet.

The alternative to this, for achieving network redundancy, is to run a routing device on the edge of your network to take two BGP feeds from AARNet and configure the redundancy that this setup provides.

Requirements and Limitations

This scenario / solution has the following limitations:

  • Only supports AARNet connections, not multiple service providers.
  • Customer has only one router, or routing device such as a firewall, and wishes to connect both NTU's to this single device.
  • No routing protocol peering with the end customer - static default gateway only.
  • The customer Layer-2 domain must bridge the two AARNet NTU customer-facing ports together.