What is the SWAN environment?

SWAN presents the Jupyter Lab environment. Once the SWAN session has started, a file navigator is shown on the left and a work area to the right. The work area allows you to open many Notebook files and terminals in tabs and/or side by side to your liking.


The file system in SWAN is a little different to your CloudStor folder. We recommend you use  the SWAN home folder (/scratch) as the default space to work in rather than your CloudStor  folder (/scratch/cloudstor). In SWAN you will see a sub-folder called “cloudstor” which connects to your CloudStor data.

Data in your SWAN home folder (/scratch) is routinely backed up in your CloudStor account in a folder called “SWAN_SESSIONS”. However, work outside of the home folder (/scratch) will not be backed up to CloudStor “SWAN_SESSIONS”. To mitigate the risk of losing this data we recommend that after completion, you save your work to the ‘cloudstor’ folder in SWAN.