Can users overseas (including China) join Zoom meetings?

Yes, Zoom works globally. Please see country-specific notes at

Using Zoom in China

(this information is true as at February 2020)

To join Zoom meetings in China, the users will need to have updated Zoom clients. The latest Zoom client is available for download at Users in China will be redirected to when visiting

An example new Zoom user workflow in China when joining to an invited Zoom meeting:

  1. User clicks on the meeting URL in the invitation e.g.{meetingid}
  2. The meeting URL opens in the Internet browser; the user gets redirected to where there are 2 options.
    1. "Join the meeting"
      1. If user clicks on this, the Zoom app will launch.
      2. The user will have to provide permission for the app to get access to the phone camera and speakers.
      3. Next, the app will prompt to enter user name.
      4. User will then be prompted to verify personal phone number. This is required for first time users in China.
      5. After successful phone number verification, user will join the Zoom meeting.
    2. "Download the Zoom client"
      1. If user clicks on this, the user is presented with 2 download sites: "Tencent" or "Normal"
      2. After installing the app, the user will "Join the meeting" as above.

Zoom Firewall Configuration

If additional firewall configuration is required, please see