Options for Connection to Google Cloud Platform?

As a Google partner, AARNet provides connections to the Sydney (australia-southeast1) region, with full redundancy at each location:

Regions Served Interconnect Location Facility Provider

australia-southeast1 (Sydney)

syd-zone2-1605 Equinix Sydney SY3
syd-zone1-1660 NEXTDC S1


Connection Options:

  • Google Cloud Interconnect - Partner Interconnect

AARNet is a supported Google partner and provides Layer-2 or Layer-3 VPN services to offer the full range of connectivity options. Layer-2 VPN (point to point) services are the most economical.

Connections are delivered via AARNet's existing ports into Google, so you save time and cost. AARNet VPN speeds of 1, 2, 5 & 10 Gbps are available and there is no contention between customers. (50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500Mbps VLAN attachments are also supported).

  •  Google Cloud Interconnect - Dedicated Interconnect

Dedicated Connections are physical Ethernet ports of 10Gbps dedicated to a single customer. These require physical data centre cross-connects, so are slower and more costly to provision. 100Gbps connections are also available from Google but in Beta, so contact AARNet to discuss further.

AARNet offers private optical fibre and ethernet circuits, as well as VPN services to support the Dedicated Interconnect option from Google.

  •  Google Cloud VPN (via the internet)

For non-critical workloads, or to run a PoC, you may take advantage of AARNet’s peering relationship with Google and simply establish an IPSec VPN between your equipment and your Google Cloud VPCs.