How do I make changes to my DDoS Protection?

These changes can be made on the DDoS Protection Portal by your nominated admins:

  • User account management. 
    • Add/delete users
    • Password resets  (forgotten password is also available at logon for users)
  • Notifications and Reports
    • Suppress the sending of email alerts and monthly reports to individual users.
  • Defining "Named Assets":
    • You can manage your list of specific assets (IP ranges or individual host IP addresses) for reporting purposes. You can also "Group" those assets if you wish.
    • This provides more granular reporting on the Portal and Monthly Report.
    • This does not alter the detection or mitigation behaviors. (That is determined by the "Assigned Assets", managed by AARNet)

Contact the AARNet Operations Centre to make any of the following changes:

  • Change any of IP address ranges which are in the scope of DDoS Protection ("Assigned Assets")
  • Change the automated mitigation actions applied to your "Assigned Assets".
  • Take any further intervention you believe is required during an incident.