Dedicated Point-to-Point Transmission and AWS Port

If customers require their own dedicated point-to-point transmission to AWS, AARNet can provide a dedicated port and cross-connect to:

  • Equinix SY3 Data Centre in Sydney
  • Global Switch Data Centre in Sydney

Transmission can be either:

  1. Direct Ethernet transmission services across AARNet's optical network, of either 1Gbps or 10Gbps.
  2. AARNet4 Layer-2 Point-to-Point VPN services of 200Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 5Gbps or 10Gbps.


  • Customer can create many sub-interfaces and connections to VPCs, which can then be assigned to different AWS account codes to allocate costs on a granular level
  • Dedicated bandwidth per customer organisation.


  • Customer must configure all VLANS, Sub-IFs, VPCs and be technically capable with BGP routing.
  • Creates a complex environment which is best handled by building an automated VPC management system using AWS APIs. This takes significant knowledge and commitment.
  • Point-Point circuits. Customer must manage diversity, availability zones and automatic fail-overs.
  • Takes at least 3-5 weeks for the Data Centre providers (AWS/Global-Switch) to provision the cross-connect.
  • Must have multi-year contract


  • The customer must login to their AWS account and order a Direct connect service. AWS Direct Connect charges will be billed directly from AWS to the customer.
  • AWS issues a Letter of Authority (LOA) to cross-connect which the customer passes to AARNet.
  • AARNet connects the circuit from the customer campus to the ports specified in the LOA
  • AARNet charges the customer fees for the Transmission service, a Data Centre port charge and a cross-connect fee. (ongoing charges)
  • The customer must then setup their own VLAN structure, Connects VLANs to VPCs in AWS, creates VLAN sub-interfaces on customer border router/firewall.
  • The customer creates Virtual gateways on the VPCs, assigns private IP address spaces and establishes a BGP router peering session within each VPC and sub-interface pair.