What is Zoombombing and how do I prevent it?

Zoombombing is the action of spoiling a Zoom video meeting by unexpected display of inappropriate video content via the participant's video or through screen sharing. This can be done by anyone in the meeting regardless of whether they are invited or not invited to the meeting.

Tips to prevent Zoombombing:

  1. Set password on all your Zoom meetings.
  2. Set screen sharing by Host only during the Zoom meeting to prevent meeting participants from taking over screen sharing.
  3. Authenticate all meeting participants before they can join the meeting.
  4. Use the Waiting Room to control who can enter to participate in the meeting.
  5. Lock the virtual meeting when all participants are in so that uninvited guest cannot enter the meeting.
  6. If the Zoom session involves many participants, it can be better to conduct the session in a Zoom webinar instead of Zoom meeting.

AARNet and Zoom have published the following articles to assist with preventing ‘Zoombombing’ and mitigating security breaches with video conferencing: